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Rajwada Satara


The Rajwada Palace inbuilt the 19th century consists of 2 adjacent palaces designed inside a spot of twenty years. The previous palace was called Juna Rajwada and also the new palace was called Nava Rajwada. The Grand structure lies within the heart of the town of Satara. The palace lies around three. five kilometers faraway from Satara.

The previous palace (Juna Rajwada) was inbuilt 1824 by Pratapsingh Maharaj. Pratapsingh Maharaj had made alternative grand structures that embody the Char Bhinti. Twenty years later, his successor Appasaheb engineered the new palace (Nava Rajwada) in 1844. Appasaheb was adopted by Raja Pratapsingh. each Pratapsingh and Appasaheb are descendants of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the founding father of the Maratha Empire.


In 1876, the Nava Rajwada was overtaken by Britishers who used it to accommodate court sessions. The structure until recently housed 19 courts, that consummated the aim of district and sessions court. The palace contains 11 blocks and 21 wall portraits showcasing Indian valor and glory.

The Rajwada shows an Anglo-Maratha type of design drawing influences from Indian and British traditions. marble curtains at the side of sofas draped in a velvety cowl, in an elaborate way sculptured pillars and wall paintings portraying the Indian Empire ar a number of the attractions of the palace. Animal heads are often seen on the walls as a reminder of the bravery of the royalty concerned within the animal hunt. guests will have a look round the palace although some parts may need restricted access. The Rajwada Palace is often visited throughout the timings 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.