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Ajinkyatara Fort Satara

Ajinkyatara Fort

At a distance of 4 kilometers from Satara Bus Stand, 58 kilometers from Mahabaleshwar and 52 kilometers from Panchgani, Ajinkyatara is an ancient hill fort placed on one among the seven mountains close to the town of Satara within the Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra. it's one among the foremost historic places of Maharashtra and one among the most effective Satara tourist places.

Situated atop Ajinkyatara Mountain, at associate degree altitude of 3,300 feet, Ajinkyatara Fort offers a perspective of Satara town. Ajinkyatara Fort was designed by Raja Bhoj of the Shilhara phratry. In 1673 CE, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took management of this fort from Adil Sha and any Aurangajeb controlled this fort between 1700 cerium and 1706 Ce. In 1708 CE, Shahu Maharaj won Ajinkyatara, remained with the Marathas until the British conquered the fort in 1818 AD. Earlier, Tarabai Raje Bhonsale had won this fort from the Mughals and renamed it to Ajinkyatara. below the Mughal rule, Ajinkyatara was referred to as Azamtara. This was the place wherever Shahu Maharaj had jailed Tarabai. This fort has been the place wherever many important moments in Indian history occurred.

Ajinkyatara Fort

The fort is additionally stated because the 'Fort of the Sapta-Rishi' and may be determined from the hill of Yawateshwar, which is 5 kilometers far away from Satara. This fort is enclosed by 4 m high thick walls with bastions. there have been 2 gates. the most gate, created formidable by high buttresses, is on the brink of the north-west corner and also the tiny gate within the south-east corner. there's a variety of water tanks within the fort for storing water. guests may visit the temples of Devi Mangalai, Lord Shankar and Lord Hanuman on the northeast facet of the fort. This place is additionally notable for hiking, trekking, and climb.

The best time to go to the fort is from November to February. The trek of Ajinkyatara is of simple level and thence is suggested for beginner level trekkers. there's additionally a motorable road that takes visitors on to the top of the fort.